2017 Foresight Vision Weekend

Event | Dec 2—3, 2017
San Francisco, USA

The Vision Weekend is a gathering dedicated to taking stock of the most compelling ideas of today, turn them into coherent visions for a better future, and get to work on them.

Foresight Institute is a non-profit dedicated to the beneficial development of technologies of fundamental importance for the human future, from molecular machines and longevity to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. As well as awarding the Feynman Prizes and granting Foresight Fellowships, we host invitational research workshops at the intersection of scientific disciplines, and salons on high-interest topics open to the public.

Saturday: Keynote panels at Gray Area.
Industry-leaders deliver food for thought during panels, followed by private Q&A tables with your favorite speaker.

Sunday: Strategy sessions at The Laundry.
The stage is yours: What vision do you want to contribute to our future? Pick your topic, and apply to host a strategy session. Be bold – Sunday is off the record.

Panels include:
Long-term thinking: So Much To Do, So Little Time
Blockchains: Master Key to Unlock The Future?
Longevity: Reaching Escape Velocity for Life-Extension
The Brain: The Next Frontier
AI Timelines: Safety First

Speakers include:
Joon Yun, President of Palo Alto Investors, Founder of Longevity Prize
Sonia Arrison, Thiel Foundation
David Eagleman, Host and Producer of The Brain With David Eagleman
Aubrey De Grey, President of SENS Research Foundation
Max More, President of Alcor
Zooko Wilcox, Founder of ZCash
Mark S. Miller, Foresight Institute
Will Marshall, Co-Founder & Ceo, Planet
Kevin Perrott, Director Health-Extension Foundation
Melanie Swan, Founder of Institute for Blockchain Studies
Matt Bell, Co-Founder of Matterport
Randal Koene, Founder of Mind-Uploading.org

This event is for Foresight Senior Associates and speakers only.
You may sign up for Foresight Senior Associate membership during Vision Weekend registration.

More information on http://foresightvisionweekend2017.strikingly.com/