City of Future® is growing by the day. Over the last months, we received dozens of good ideas in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Design, Urbanism, Environment, Mobility, Citizenship and Out of Format. From that incredible amount of participants, one hundred projects were already selected and are now available on the platform.

Ever imagined living in a portable Ecocapsule powered only by wind and solar energy? What about farming your own greens and vegetables alongside experienced producers that you can learn from, all inside the building where you also live (Réalimenter Masséna)? And how would it be like to go by electric scooter (INU) from home to the public transportation, then fold and grab it to take along with you? These are only a few examples among the amazing projects showcased in the City of Future®.

We would like to thank all of those who have submitted their projects. Together we’ve taken another step forward in making cities (of today and tomorrow) better places to live in. So let’s keep up the good work.

This is the place and the time to draw the city of tomorrow. If you haven’t shared your ideas and innovative projects with us and the world yet, please do so. Your contribution means everything.

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