Who would ever think of using rockets to travel to anywhere in the world in under an hour? Yep, you’re right, Elon Musk. The SpaceX’s CEO announced his intentions this Friday at the International Astronautical Congress 2017 in Adelaide, Australia.

We all knew about Elon Musk’s big plans for colonizing Mars and setting up a station on the Moon using an interplanetary rocket system. Now we know that he is planning on using the same method for ultra-fast, long-distance travel here on Earth too.

SpaceX’s BFR (short for Big Fucking Rocket) will not only be capable of taking passengers to Mars and the Moon, but it will also significantly shorten travel times between the world’s major cities. The price, according to Musk, would be around the same as an economy airline ticket:

Here’s a video illustrating how the Earth-to-Earth travels would process:

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