Lisbon, Portugal, will be hosting the ZOOM SMART CITIES International Conference 2016, on May 18 and 19, a first time event that aims to put Portugal on the international agenda, regarding the discussion of Smart Cities.

The complexity of urban areas growth and the increasing need to come up with strategies for a sustainable development is confirmed by studies which show that around 2050 over 70% of the world population will live in cities, according to the UN.

Such figures “underscore the urgency of addressing the issues related to the intelligence of the cities completely” states the conference’s official webpage, where it is added that “this is a time of opportunity in which decisions have to be informed and planned.”

According to the same page, ZOOM SMART CITIES 2016 occurs “at a time when the topic of Smart Cities focuses on the future, innovation and creativity in the ways of promoting sustainable and inclusive urban development”. This event is intended to project Lisbon (Portugal) in the international context “as an example of a city and a country that think and plan, pointing ways rather than criticism and solutions rather than objections”, it can be read.

On its first edition, the two-day conference will gather over 40 speakers who will debate and reflect on how the Smart Cities are thought in Portugal.

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