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“Casas em Movimento” (Houses in Motion) is a concept of living architecture, innovation and sustainability, which interacts with Nature, mainly with the sun, and that blends with the environment, and mostly, that adapts to its users’ needs.

Movement of the structure that follows the sun throughout the day organizes dimensions and acclimatizes interior spaces and allows interaction of the house with its inhabitants through mobile interfaces.

The sunflower effect is created by combining two motions: the rotation of the building itself, of 180° throughout the day, and the rotation of the photovoltaic roofing hood, to ensure an inclination of 90o of this surface relative to the sun’s position (angle that optimizes PV production)

The combined rotation of the building and the roof, produces 25 000 kWh / year of electricity, which is about 5 times the household consumption for a house of similar size. This value can change accordingly to the geographical location of the building.


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During the warmer months, when the sun is unwanted on the inside of the lining, the coverage extends along an axis in the lower part of the building structure. Thus, the tilting movement of the roof shades the facade and prevents the heat of solar radiation to enter the room.

In the colder months the solar radiation is welcome inside the house to warm and reduce energy consumption needed to maintain thermic comfort. For this reason, in winter the hood moves along an axis in the upper part of the building structure. In this way the façade is not in shade and can be a passive heater for the house using a natural and renewable source of energy: the sun.

Casas em movimento

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Interior Dynamics: The rotation of the building also allows new concepts of housing, creating different indoor and outdoor spaces during the day. For instance, in the morning, the kitchen can be smaller, as 21st century families’ daily routine seldom allows everyone to have breakfast together; by night, it can fuse with the living room, allowing the family to spend time together at the end of the day while cooking/eating dinner.

This technology does not require a foundation of concrete, so the structures can be transported elsewhere with minimum effort. The owner can choose to move one area only or the whole structure. A foundation is still possible, though, if requested.

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