The idea of the project stems from the desire to create an ecological, prefabricated, and mobile houseboat structure that could be quickly assembled and almost entirely in dry land. This technique allows a low environmental impact.

The assemblage system includes the construction of a wooden structure (anchored to a floating pontoon) which is then covered with insulating panels that vary in thickness depending on the region where the project will be implanted. The houses are made of recyclable materials such as the wood used on the insulating panels.

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The whole house can be transported on a truck and assembled on almost every site where you can find a floating pontoon.

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© Marcello Calà

The house is designed to be powered by solar/wind energy and also to include a system for the purification of water, so that it is possible to plant a roof top garden.

Designers: Lg=mC (Giovanni Lucentini & Marcello Calà); Inzerillo & Albeggiani Yacth Designmichaelhandtasches

Giovanni Lucentini

Giovanni Lucentini

Palermo-based architect Giovanni Lucentini owns a little 7 square meter home studio that has earned international dimension in the last few years with projects in Russia, Ghana, Albania and Switzerland.

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