Green Magic Homes / Green Magic Homes


Built with fiber re-enforced polymer modules, Green Magic Homes are light weight, waterproof, mold resistant, impervious to rot and infestations, and offer infinite design possibilities. Flexible and durable, the structure will last for hundreds of years with minimal maintenance.

Utilizing vault geometry and curves, the earth cover actually collaborates with the structure to re-enforce the stability and thermal mass of the building, also providing carbon recycling, oxygen production and airborne pollutant removal.


Ecological home © Green Magic Homes

Green Magic Homes is the result of more than 30 years of experience with Fiber Reinforced Composites and studies of Engineering and structural calculus, producing as a result a super structure based on the arch geometry.



© Green Magic Homes

Green Magic Homes are super insulated with a high stabilization index, are virtually earthquake proof, deflect tornadoes, offer maximum resistance against hurricanes, provides UV radiation protection and interior eco-bio-heating and air circulation.


Interior of a Green Magic Homes © Green Magic Homes

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