Conveniently located near the centre of Groningen, the Infoversum cannot be overlooked. It is a building that makes one curious and that needs to be explored.

Never before have so many different fields of expertise, goals and techniques successfully been combined in one design. A building that gives science, business and cultural activities alike a home for public. It is a unique place where sharing information about our surroundings and innovations for a more sustainable environment is stimulated.

A visit to the Infoversum is more than just a night on the town. Visitors are guided along on a special journey through the universe or the extraordinary architecture of the Infoversum. Every room in the building surprises challenges and contributes to the overall experience. The routing through the building follows the organic design and exposes the visitor to the ever-changing way the light interacts with its surroundings. It’s a 3D building that interacts.


Infoversum inside © Archiview

There are two main routes in the building. The routes will not interact with each other. The first route is important for the functioning of the theatre. Visitors who enter the building and visitors who leave the building will not cross each other. The first route leads to the dome-theatre and ends at the exit or again in the entrance when we need a loop for seminars. The second route is to the foyer or the inforoof entertainment. This route will not cross the dome-theatre.

Infoversum entrance © Archiview

Infoversum © Archiview

After entering through the glass main entrance (where the skin opens), visitors find themselves in the infowave. Located on the first floor in the globe and give space to an interactive area with visually stimulating digital presentations. The globe of course is the heart of the building, and attracts all the attention to itself. In the steel globe one can still see the special construction techniques being used and the actual shape of the outer layers. The flexible design therefore leads visitors quite naturally to the dometheatre, where the seats can tilt back to get a good view of the 3D projections. While some visitors enjoy the films on the 20 meters big domescreen, others may be in awe by the natural light that flows over the dome and constantly sets the foyer in a different light.

The outdoor platform, the Inforoof, makes the visitor part of a universal show. Or visit a concert while one can see projections on the outside of the dome, those digital images cannot be seen apart from the dynamics of the building and the skies above Groningen.


Infoversum windows © Archiview

In order not to disturb the unique and living design of ‘the eye’ or ‘the UFO’, as people already call the Infoversum, components such as drainage, emergency doors and cables are hidden in the skin itself. The windows for example, are placed behind the creatively placed perforations in the steel plates. These perforations and the light that flows through the skylights create a wonderful lightshow inside the building.

The Infoversum is not only the first full dome theatre in The Netherlands, it is also an innovative project with a focus on sustainability, leading science, culture and architecture alike into a new era with its special 3D projections and its 3D design. It looked like an awesome hybrid between a ship and a spaceship, dominated by a giant dome, city citizen say. It makes one curious and needs to be explored. It’s an experience!

The Infoversum is part of a local project that encourages its participants to explore the potential of a temporary building or even innovative architectural constructions. Even though it is designed as a temporary building, the Infoversum will most likely outlive this project. cgparkaoutlet

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