Entwining advanced design, digital technology and the natural world, The Rosemont Hotel and Residences Dubai by ZAS Architects Dubai is a first-in-kind, ultra-luxury urban resort destination.

Reflecting a modern city where innovative development shapes the destination, the anticipated debut project for new global hospitality brand Rosemont will be operated by Curio Collection, by Hilton.


Rosemont hotel in the clouds © ZAS Dubai / Plompmozes

Set against the dynamic backdrop of an ever-evolving skyline, Rosemont’s architecture captures a contemporary Dubai.

Animated and dynamic, the bold facades reflect the city’s vibrant pulse. Inspired by reflection, light and texture, Rosemont’s evocative design transports guests into nature’s most exotic destinations – from a lush tropical rainforest to an alluring digital underwater world or cosmic experience.


Rosemont hotel the future © ZAS Dubai / Plompmozes

The 448-key, 53-storey hotel tower is conceptualized as a flowing river – the facade’s dynamic lighting enhances its bold architecture. Wrapping the tower, lighting spirals around the podium, shaping the dynamic form.

Representing a shell & pearl, moving lights illuminate Rosemont’s five-star 280-key, 53-storey serviced apartment tower in a pattern inspired by atomic, orbital rings.

Upon arrival at the ultra-luxury destination, guests are instantly immersed in a sensory experience. Advanced technology transforms the upper ground floor drop-o and arrival area with ever-changing dynamic 3D projections from a lush rainforest to an underwater paradise.


Rosemont hotel deep blue © ZAS Dubai / Plompmozes


Rosemont hotel jungle © ZAS Dubai / Plompmozes

Two separate, opulent lobbies accessible from the upper ground floor drop-o area provide exclusive and private access for guest to Rosemont Hotel and Rosemont Residences. Visitors to the rainforest and entertainment area arrive from a third, separate lobby connecting to the entertainment podium.

Inside Rosemont’s rich rainforest, guests are surrounded by an alluring immaculately landscaped tropical oasis, dappled sunlight and tropical mist lightly spraying through the trees. Guests can play in the splash pool along the sand-less beach, or relax by the stream and enjoy refreshment from the rainforest café. Adventure trails and play zones, waterfalls, streams, a prehistoric Jurassic- inspired marsh provide unique entertainment for families not found elsewhere in the city.


Rosemont hotel heaven © ZAS Dubai / Plompmozes


Rosemont hotel stream © ZAS Dubai / Plompmozes

Technologically advanced, a sensory rain system creates a 360-degree experience, simulating the sensation of being surrounded by rainfall without actually getting wet. Volumes of stored recycled water create a high humidity level, mimicking the tropical rain forest environment. The advanced system utilizes multiple sensors that control the areas where the water is falling when people are detected. Water will be collected and stored from condensation and constantly recycled.


Rosemont hotel dancing in the rain canopy © ZAS Dubai / Plompmozes

A public-facing attraction for hotel guests, residents, and tourist visiting Dubai, the rainforest and adjacent indoor entertainment area are accessible via a separate lobby from the hotel and residences, located on the exterior top level of the central podium. michael kors handtasche sale

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