Maggie Program designed a new and innovative concept that will help displaced families to build a temporary, low-cost shelter that has the quality and advantages of a sturdy, insulated building.

“In refugee camps (where people live, on average, for 12 years), there is a need for qualitative medical wards, educational and vocational training centres. Qualitative healthcare and education is a basic right.”, said Kjell Keymolen, one of the Belgian company DMOA‘s team members that collaborated on the project.

Host countries don’t allow fixed buildings, only tents, but displaced people need structures to create safer environments for their families to survive and rebuild their lives. Maggie Shelter looks like a tent, but has the virtues of a fixed building.

“Through smart design we want to meet the essential needs for access to descent healthcare and quality education for everyone. We designed a temporary shelter with the benefits of a building (strong, safe, highly insulated, durable, sustainable, low cost of ownership). Ideal for places with a need for permanent, high quality constructions with only a permission for temporary constructions.”, explained Kjell Keymolen.

The shelter is a double layered construction made out of aluminium and textile (PVC coated polyester). The walls can be filled up with local materials such as sand and other insulating materials. This way a solid, low energy, high performance shelter is constructed in a short time period yet with a large life-span.

Maggie Shelter | DMOA

Walls can be filled up with local materials such as sand or straw. ©Maggie Program

Maggie Shelter can be used for medical wards, schools, vocational centres, temperature controlled storage spaces and community centres.

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Maggie Program

Maggie Program

Belgian non-profit organisation focussed on providing low cost, durable solutions for schools, medical wards, health-posts and temperature controlled warehouses for displaced people exposed to a harsh climate.

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