Future Concept CF8 (CF8 stands for Cars and Family in 80 meters) is a yacht design proposal with sharp lines that refer to the character lines of sports cars.

Looking into the future there will come faster ways of traveling around the world.

Sir Richard Branson sees a not-so-distant future when transcontinental air travel may be measured in minutes, not hours. New York to Tokyo could be less than an hour and you could be traveling at 19,000 miles per hour orbitally according to the Virgin Group founder.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and the CEO/CTO of SpaceX In a 2011 interview, said he hopes to send humans to Mars’ surface within 10–20 years.

In 2015 Airbus patented a hypersonic jet that will go 3.5 times faster than the now retired Mach 2 Concorde.
This shows an already broad basis for the development of hypersonic and space travel!

It will be conceivable that in the near future the wealthy people will be able to reach any spot in the world in a few hours. That will make it easier for them to just visit their yacht for a few days together with friends and/or family, no matter where the yacht is based.

Future Concept CF8 artist impression © Sea Level

Yacht design company Sea Level found this element an interesting input for a team-brainstorm session. In addition to that they had outlined an imaginary yacht owner, a progressive, sporty person that has great preference for new design, visible innovations and….he needs to be able to take his car collection on board!

During the Concept Phase value drawings were created to help express nuances and subtleties. Fine point markers and sharp pencils become more useful as the design process moves closer to a more highly resolved plan. Exploring the design 2 basic shapes can be recognised.

Future Concept CF8 artist impression © Sea Level

First the strong outer shape with strong design lines that refer to the character lines of sports cars. Unlike traditional yachts in this case hull and superstructure are inextricably linked to each other. The downward going line from the aft upper part of the hull towards the bow gives the yacht a fast and aerodynamic shape.

Second the curved centre volume that brings a counter posing shape ‘visually carried’ by the outer shape. For this element Sea Level found inspiration in the showroom of Louwman Exclusive Cars in the Netherlands. This showroom is captured in a remarkable 5 kilometres long sound barrier along the high way, built out of glass panels. A centre volume with a skin built out of glass would give Sea Level great opportunity to bring light into the living spaces and… a unique chance to accommodate a car collection that can be admired by people passing by.


Future Concept CF8 embarkment cars principle © Sea Level

For the CF8 the cars showroom measures an area of 100 m2 . Via a boarding platform the cars can be embarked. With this, the owner will be able to choose the appropriate car from his own collection for any occasion he would like, anywhere he wants, whenever he wants.

For the feasibility of this design Sea Level created a structural design with large centreline structures supporting the deck levels inside the glass volume and the levels above.


Future Concept CF8 structure principle © Sea Level

The extreme width of the yacht offers great stability at sea that will give maximum comfort to the guests and crew. Apart from the sea-going-comfort the wide beam generates an ultimately spacious feeling. The guests will experience an extraordinary indoor and outdoor atmosphere that is most different than existing superyachts.

The aft section is where guests enter the yacht, now imagine the welcoming atmosphere due to the 16 metre wide-open deck space!

CF8 is a future concept design, but could be nearer than we might expect. When hypersonic and space traveling will be made available, this CF8 Future Concept Design will offer the opportunity to enjoy your beloved car collection anywhere you want. canada goose sale

Sea Level

Sea Level

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