Ever reached for your bath towel hanging on the rack only to find it is still wet from yesterday’s shower? Not the best way to start the day… Well now, the K-25 Smart Towel – that has just surpassed its Kickstarter campaign goal – promises to change the face of towels forever.

“On average, a person like you and me showers 7 times a week. Meaning, daily,” says the K-25 team. “Most of the times when we are ready to shower, our towel isn’t.” Which got them thinking: “We are a few years away from sending humans to Mars, but our everyday essential is still underperforming.”

So they set out to create a towel that would absorb excess water quickly, dry-out between uses, be durable and soft at the same time. “It was a long creative process with three variables in hand: fabric weight, pattern and weaving technic,” the team explains. “After developing many prototype samples we achieved a perfect balance.”

The K-25 Bath Collection contains four towels: a face towel, hand towel, hair towel and bath towel. ©K-25/SOLO-RM

The end result is in the K-25 Smart Towel, which last month surpassed their fundraising goal on Kickstarter ensuring the new product line makes it to market, by the end of the year.

According to the creators, their new bath collection features a well thought out waffle style design – which is where the “Smart” element comes from. Not selected simply as the reminder of a favourite breakfast cheat meal, the design delivers a long list of real benefits.

Big waffle weave squares enhance water absorption and reduce friction on the hair and skin. ©K-25/SOLO-RM

The waffle texture provides not only enhanced surface area for maximum absorption but also less surface contact. Less contact means less damage especially for sensitive skin and hair cuticles, and it also reduces friction as well as the annoying, unsightly skin irritations that come with it. Also, the honeycomb pockets let the fabric dry quicker and more thoroughly.

By drying quicker and being naturally antibacterial these towels require fewer washes since they prevent the appearance of mould and stinky smells. And when they finally need to be washed the K-25 towels use less water to launder and take half the time in the dryer than those old fluffy thick towels that use tons of energy.

It works exactly as real waffles. We all know waffles carry more syrup than pancakes, right? ©K-25/SOLO-RM

The K-25 Bath Collection – which contains four towels: a face towel, hand towel, hair towel and bath towel – are all made of the finest 100% natural cotton, grown and processed without harmful chemicals. Only AZO-free safe dyes are used.

Their fundraising Kickstarter campaign ended on August 19, 2017, and successfully raised $26,340 with 348 backers. michael kors tasche blau

Edited by City of Future’s staff.

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