Madrid Architecture Seoul (MAS) Exhibition / Daniel Valle Architects


Madrid Architecture Seoul (MAS) exhibition was designed to communicate the basic ideas of architecture to the general public in a simple and direct way.

Architectural exhibitions are by nature difficult to process by nonprofessionals. They are usually made to address debate within the architectural community and rarely open to the public discussion. MAS is a temporary exhibition that intends to open the work of thirty Spanish architects to nonprofessionals. To achieve this endeavor it is proposed a new display format to explain the content of the exhibition.

Five helium balloons represent the famous skies of Madrid, the city where the architects are based. The work is projected to the helium clouds from different angles so that the content can be seen from below the balloons. A large print of Madrid city center on the floor and a number of beanbags create the perfect platform to relax and look up for the work of the architects.

The temporality of MAS was is an opportunity to think on sustainable lifecycle processes. 85% of the materials used are either second hand, with high recycle content, re-sold to the supplier or re-used after the exhibition ends.

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