A self-sustainable art piece with urban lighting and with water effects which brings an additional acclimatization factor to the project and can be placed in non-urban places with no electric power.

The project aims to create a sustainable urban design intervention composed by a group of 4 sculptural lighting art pieces, with different heights, placed under an organic shape and with possibility to create water fog effects to acclimatize the surrounding environment.



Sustainable Art and Design for public spaces © PLURIESCALA

On the top of each piece will be installed a non-standard photovoltaic panel capable to produce enough energy to illuminate the surrounding space.

To allow a 100% self-sustaining power system it will be possible to use the roof of the kiosks to implant other photovoltaic panels to produce enough power for the pumps used in the water effects. cgparkas



Pluriescala was established in February 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal. The company develops multidisciplinary projects in several scales of intervention, in the areas of Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Art and Design.

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