The Folding Landscape Pavilion is an interactive merging of architecture and photography. It consists of ten prefabricated photo laminated panels that can be folded out from a simple prefabricated rectangular steel support frame into many different combinations.

Each of the panels is hinged to the support frame; they are also divided in half diagonally and hinged back together so that the original rectangular space can be altered in completely unexpected ways.

In the folded position. © Michael Jantzen

The photos that were laminated onto both sides of the hinged panels were taken from one spot in the New Mexico landscape in every direction including straight up, and straight down. The floor is also laminated with the photo of the ground in that spot, but it does not fold. After the pavilion was prefabricated, it was taken in pieces to the site and installed onto the exact spot and the same orientation from where the original photos were taken.

Folded out into one of many configurations. © Michael Jantzen

In this way, images of the original landscape from inside the pavilion and from the outside can be altered in many ways when the photo panels are folded in different ways and secured back to the support frame. Unlike mirrored panels, the photo panels are fixed in time and provide an interesting contrast to the ever-changing real surrounding landscape. This, of course, is most apparent as the weather and seasons change. The Folding Landscape Pavilion is also be illuminated at night providing an even more intriguing contrast between the real and photographed landscape.

Looking through the folded photo landscape into the real landscape. © Michael Jantzen

Looking up through the folded photo sky into the real sky. © Michael Jantzen

Status: Built
Location: Santa Fe New Mexico cgparkaoutlet

Michael Jantzen

Michael Jantzen

Artist and designer based in California, who combines art, architecture, technology and sustainability. Jantzen's works often explore the public space, by creating installations that use sun and wind as energy sources.

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