The ACERA travel mug conquers the top step of the podium in the prestigious international competition Red Dot Design Award: a goal that underlines the great renown achieved by ACERA in the global design world.

Crafted and designed by ACERA, with the collaboration of Hangar Design Group, One-O-One takes its name from the tallest skyscraper in Taipei, commemorating its skyline: it is a fashion accessory connecting the European taste to a global lifestyle, where the travel mug becomes a functional and elegant object indissolubly tied to the idea of travel as a multicultural experience.

One-O-One is totally hand-crafted and hand-decorated according to an ACERA patented manufacturing process, that includes the use of ceramic enriched with white tourmaline powder coming from high quality Brazilian gemstones. When this semi-precious mineral stone is heated or cooled, it generates an electrical charge capable of emitting negative ions that contribute to purify liquids contained in the mug. What a perfect way to combine health benefits with the beauty of contemporary design!


Handmade in opaque ceramic, One-O-One is available in different shades of warm and natural colours. The external surface of the mug is embellished by alternate smooth and textured surfaces, with different decorations that add more grip. canada goose online shop

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