Wishbone Bike 3in1 is designed to suit kids from 12 months up to 5 years and is easily adjustable as they grow.

The first wishbone bike was born from the desire to give children a taste of childhood that wishbone creators had. The challenge of the wishbone was to create designs that transform your experience, reduce consumption, deliver a positive environmental outcome, and bring people closer together.


Wishbone Bike © Wishbone Design Studio

Wishbone Bike utterly re-organizes when and how a kid learns to ride. In a single blow, it replaces multiple products you could have bought, broken and thrown away between ages 1 to 5. Wishbone Flip has the same philosophy in mind.


Wishbone Bike © Wishbone Design Studio

Wishbone idea is to design stuff that is so good it changes you, just a tiny bit. Maybe you get outdoors more, or choose to walkinstead of drive. Maybe your toddler entertains themself for a full half hour, or you finally have a toy that improves your interior design. You can pass it down through each of your kids, and share it further when they’re done. You’ll take the time to replace a part, and love the look on your little one’s face when you do the repairs together.


Wishbone Bike © Wishbone Design Studio

Wishbone Bike starts at 12 months with three wheels, helping babies to walk and then ride. Lightweight and super-stable.

Later Wishbone Bike converts to two-wheels for a pedal-less bike – learning to balance is easy. One skill at a time.

Raise the seat and flip the frame to transform Wishbone Bike into one of the largest balance bikes on the market. Suits kids from 12 months up to 5 years.

Wishbone Bike 3in1 comes with everything you need from baby walker, to toddler trike to balance bike. Small or large. You choose. canada goose sale

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