This is a project dedicated to those who truly love nature because, only those who really love it, accept its biodiversity.

While designing BIO GARDEN, it was made a detailed analysis of the site and its environmental characteristics, a careful selection of plants (native or not), to re-create, as much as possible without sacrificing aesthetics, an habitat which soon will recall for those living beings who, like us, are part of it.

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Bio Garden © Verde E Dintorni

Recreate the first essential piece of a chain link by link you will reconstructing before our eyes, interacting with each other in a perfect balance that man, as a superior being, must preserve.

So, one day, leaning out the window, we will find birds hunting caterpillars in the ground, colorful butterflies resting in the bushes, dragonflies preying insects during their flights, and many other moments of everyday life of the small but perfect microcosm that we have created in your garden.

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Verde e Dintorni

Verde e Dintorni

Italian family company founded by Adriana Quercetti and husband Ernesto Fabbri. Verde e Dintorni provides services of design, construction and maintenance of gardens, land consolidation and slope with bioengineering criteria.

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