Eco Wave Power is a new project that uses waves to create electricity and it could be expanded to provide up to 15% of Gibraltar’s energy needs by 2020. The project was officially “switched-on” by the Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Hon. Fabian R Picardo and by the Minister of Health, Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Dr. John Cortes.

This is the first array of wave power generators to be connected to an electricity grid in Gibraltar and in Europe. The innovative Eco Wave Power floaters move up and down with the movement of the waves, and create pressure which is driving a hydro motor and a generator. The technology also provides smart automation system that controls the power station’s storm-protection mechanism and the stable transmission of clean electricity to the grid.

“Gibraltar is pioneering here. It is the first European territory, the first jurisdiction, the first nation in Europe to have wave energy harnessed and connected to its electricity grid”  said Chief Minister, Hon. R Picardo.

Eco wave power station view from top © Eco Wave Power

Eco wave power station view from top © Eco Wave Power

“We are already taking the next steps to move our technology foreword. Planning and design works has begun on Eco Wave Power’s next generation of 1MW to 5MW power plant, by using larger units aiming to deliver around 10 times the capacity of Eco Wave Power’s current units in Gibraltar, and improving its efficiency. This progress is a clear example that given time and with the right governmental support, wave energy can progress along the innovation chain towards commercialization” said Eco Wave Power’s co-founders, David Leb and Inna Braverman.

Eco Wave Power - Gibraltar

Diagram © Eco Wave Power

Seeks Foreign Investment for Ocean Energy Development © Eco Wave Power

Seeks Foreign Investment for Ocean Energy Development © Eco Wave Power

The wave resource that Eco Wave Power technology harnesses is an abundant and consistent source of clean energy. The Chief Scientist and CEO of the Department of Environment and Climate Change, Dr. Liesl Torres, said that: “I honestly believe that the ultimate solution for Gibraltar becoming carbon neutral is the ocean and we are very eagerly exploring that, exploring our seas….this is only the beginning and we really need to push to see how we can push up this MWs in renewable energy quickly because This will bring so much benefit to us. So again a special thank you and let’s inspire other countries and other territories.”

The expansion of Eco Wave Power’s power plant from 100KW to 1MW to 5MW is currently in the design phase and will feature the largest Eco Wave Power units yet with a targeted capacity of some 10 times of the current generation.

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