Ecocapsule is the first truly independent micro-home. This smart tiny-house is entirely powered by solar and wind energy. It allows people to reach the frontiers with the luxury of the hotel room. It can serve as cottage, pop-up hotel or even as charging station for electric cars.

Ecocapsule is equipped with dual power production system bypassing periods of low energy production and massive battery capacity allowing to store surplus energy for later usage.

This capsule is spherically shaped to maximize the collection of rain water and morning dew. Membrane water filters installed in the Ecocapsule are devised to purify 99,999% of the bacteria and rendering any natural water source suitable for drinking.

Ecocapsule’s shape was purposely designed to minimize energy losses. Hollow walls filled with high-performance thermal insulation protect its inhabitants from harsh environments. Low consumption system and energy recuperation help to reduce energy consumption and extend life span.

Ecocapsule is optimized for easy transportation. It can fit into standard shipping container making it easy to be shipped globally with the lowest fees possible. Mobility of the Capsule can be extended via additional undercarriage which will turn Ecocapsule into a fully functioning caravan.

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Nice Architects

Nice Architects

Nice Architects is an architectural studio based in Bratislava, Slovakia. The studio is made up of architects and partners Tomáš Žáček and Soňa Pohlová.

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