Bart//Bratke in collaboration with studioDE have created a conceptual structure for offshore water desalination and farming that could be easily deployed in several parts of the world with freshwater needs.

Although conceived for the coastline of Santa Monica, California, in the context of Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) Competition, the project could be applicable to other regions experiencing serious drought and water scarcity.

Foram – Amphibious Water Purification System - Bart // Bratke

Aerial view. © BART//BRATKE

Called Foram after a marine organism that can be found in brackish, freshwater and even terrestrial habitats, this amphibious pavilion was designed to be moveable and quickly set-up in areas that are in urgent need of freshwater.

Foram is a self-sufficient, modular floating structure with carbon-zero emissions. It will be equipped with water purification technologies and a solar pond to produce clean energy, so that it can foster coast farming and act as an artificial reef of clean water plants.

Foram – Amphibious Water Purification System - Bart // Bratke

Night Shot Coast © BART//BRATKE

This piece of transformable architecture in front of Santa Monica’s coastline is also meant to become a showcase platform, allowing visitors to learn more about water purification processes, as well as to raise awareness of drinking water shortage.

The floating structure consists of two main parts, one being the raft itself and the other the roof structure. The raft is divided into four thematic areas that provide spaces for urban farming, dedicated learning area, an eatery with self-grown food and a water bar at the gravity centre, where the floating platform and the roof canopy meet each other.

Foram – Amphibious Water Purification System - Bart // Bratke

Interior Pavilion © BART//BRATKE

The roof structure consists of three elevated tanks, at the top of the canopy, that purify water via direct desalination. The water is collected at the bottom of that raft and gets distributed through a network of transparent tubes.

The fresh clean water can then be enjoyed first hand at the bar, stored into Santa Monica’s water network or used for offshore farming.

More images and plans

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