IoT Smart Bin is an exclusive blend of business and social objectives. It merges aspects of Solid Waste Management (SWM), Internet of Things (IoT) and Out Of Home (OOH) Advertising.

The IoT Smart Bin has been developed by Indian company Excell Infrastructures Pvt Ltd with an objective to provide a civic solution to the public, which helps in controlling the problem of littering at public places and also helps to build smarter and safer cities.

Product Features:


The twin bins have been designed to provide a total of 160 ltr of waste disposal per location. They are color coded and graphically designed to educate public regarding proper waste disposal. The bins can be easily tilted to empty the dump.


IoT Smart Bin is equipped with sensors that send real-time data of how much trash has been filled. By using our online dashboard, your SWM department would be able to locate the smart bins installed across the city and track the volume of trash filled. This saves time, effort and cost (fuel and HR cost) as all bins do not need to be checked manually. The route will be optimized using maps integration.


The HD CCTV camera hidden in the ‘IoT Smart Bin’ is located at a strategic height of 8 ft from the ground, which gives a clearer and better surveillance of the premises. This will help to identify and take action against the anti-social elements & traffic rule violators. Video analytics can further be added in future to generate meaningful insights.


The IoT powered air and noise pollution sensors generate area wise real-time data of the air pollution. The data would help in implementing an effective solution at locations of high pollution levels.


The inbuilt speakers can be operated by sending an audio file to our control and command center. It can be used to create public awareness. These speakers can also be used to play jingles for the brands advertised on our billboards. This would be a unique feature for outdoor advertising medium.


IoT Smart Bin is equipped with Solar Energy which powers the electrical components during the day and provides power backup at night in cases of power cutouts for few hours. It would compliment the initiative to promote renewable energy.


IoT Smart Bin has backlit display space along with audio support for smarter outdoor advertising. These 24 square feet billboards are at eye level and can be strategically placed at locations where the brand gets the maximum visibility and audibility from a 360-degree view.

IoT Smart Bin is designed in a cylindrical shape so that it is safe for people to walk around it without the chances of getting hurt by any protruding edge. This design has also helped us making a brand visible from 360 degrees around it.

The product is essentially a part of building the civic infrastructure. It has seen a huge traction from the government’s perspective. Referring to the advertisement perspective, it presents a new medium on the Indian streets to get attention and brand visibility. It is bound to stand out as it is not purely commercial in nature. It is well designed to add value to places of public utility. cgparkashop

IoT Smart Bin

IoT Smart Bin

IoT Smart Bin is the first product of Excell Infrastructures Pvt Ltd, a social enterprise which develops socially important and economically feasible solutions.

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