Dutch startup Kartent has created a 100% recyclable cardboard tent that is ideal for festivals and could help reduce the waste created by visitors who every year leave millions of regular tents behind.

Left behind tents are a big problem at music festivals, particularly because of the massive amounts of landfill-bound waste they create. Each year, 1 out of 4 festival visitors leaves their tent behind at festivals leaving an enormous amount of waste that can’t be recycled. Fortunately, one Dutch startup believes they have the solution: the KarTent. Made from 100% recyclable cardboard, this sturdy and lightweight tent is comfortable, easy to set up, and even easier to recycle.


© Kartent

The KarTent provides space for two people and their bags, and it’s guaranteed to stay standing and to keep users dry for three days of constant rain and is also said to stay cooler and darker on the inside than other tents due to its non-translucent material.


© Kartent

Besides its lightweight and recyclable footprint, the KarTent also has the advantage of customizable design. The team at KarTent can print anything from sponsored messages to personal drawings onto the tent facade.


© Kartent

Currently it is delivered pre-pitched so the festival visitors don’t have to carry anything. canada goose schweiz

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