Laserlight projects an image in front of a bicycle to increase your footprint on the road, alerting drivers and other road users to your presence and making you visible.

Blaze, the pioneering brand for urban cycling, has created the Laserlight, an innovative product that helps to improve cyclist’s visibility over and above any other bike light on the market. It does this by projecting an image in front of a bicycle to increase your footprint on the road, alerting drivers and other road users to your presence and making you visible when otherwise invisible. A study conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory recently concluded that the Laserlight makes you 96% visible to bus drivers at night compared to 74% with a normal LED light.


Blaze Laserligh Situations © Blaze

By projecting the image of a bike ahead of the rider, the Laserlight tackles the biggest risk to urban cyclists – vehicles turning in front of their path when travelling straight ahead – which is the cause of 79% of cycling accidents. Data proved that the biggest risk to the rider is in front of them and mitigating this risk was the guiding principle for the product.


Blaze Laserligh Situations © Blaze

A huge advantage of cycling is the bicycle’s tiny footprint on our cluttered urban roads. However, this can become a problem when a bicycle virtually becomes invisible in a driver’s blind spot. Cars, buses and HGVs occupy a much more prominent position, and as such get treated to more space. Urban cyclists can feel like the most microscopic of road users unless they have a means by which to increase their footprint and visibility.


Blaze Laserlight © Blaze

Alongside all its safety benefits, the Laserlight was designed to be as effective as it is elegant.  It’s patented, award-winning design makes it intuitive and simple to use as well as being easy on the eye. Manufactured by PCH, major suppliers for Apple, Beats & Xiaomi, its casing is made of beautiful aircraft-grade aluminum. 100% waterproof and built to withstand extreme vibrations, it is tough enough to survive the rain, wind, the grit and the potholes.

The Laserlight is easy to operate with gloved hands, wet hands, cold hands and even with one hand – that’s all you need to unclip the light from the handlebars. The smart control panel lets you know how much charge the Laserlight has so there’s no need to be caught short by flat batteries. And when it’s running low, charge it efficiently with the magnetic USB cable.



Blaze is a London-based technology company that designs products for safe urban cycling. The company seeks to solve existing problems with simple, intelligent products using innovative technologies.

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