Sci-fi fans will probably see the resemblance with Star-Trek’s Enterprise, but rather than roaming the galaxy exploring new worlds, this one would beat that urban villain called road traffic.

Designed by Russian inventor Dahir Semonov, the proposed electric vehicle with telescopic legs would rise above congested traffic and move around effortlessly using monorails placed in median strips. Two gyroscopes in each pod would be responsible for stabilizing the whole structure.

According to its creator, this means of transportation will supersede buses and trams in the cities of the future. Dahir Insaat/Youtube

The inventor also envisions a future for his gyroscopic pods as emergency vehicles, such as ambulances and fire trucks, quickly weaving through congested roads.

The fire truck would include a 20-engine drone packed with hoses and canons that shoot fire extinguishing powder capsules. Dahir Insaat/Youtube

Dahir Semonov, who is also the director of Dahir Insaat, says the company is ready to start building a prototype model and is hoping for investors worldwide to hop in and join the journey.

Status: Unbuilt

• This article was amended on 3 May 2018 to stress that the project is merely a concept and has never been built.  canada goose sale

Edited by City of Future’s staff.

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