As the urbanization of the world continues, urbanites are continuously looking toward modes of transportation that fit more naturally into all contexts of the modern world. That’s why Green Ride™ has developed INU – the natural solution for urban transportation.

INU is a small, portable, foldable vehicle that puts the rider at the center of the user experience with a phone dock, GPS, and even GSM. On top of all that, INU is environmentally friendly while transporting you in style.

Created for the contemporary urbanite, INU is essentially a new category in the automotive industry, designed for people who need a quick and stylish means of transport within the city. Equipped with an in-wheel electric battery, state-of-the-art tech and sporting a cutting-edge design, INU is a true innovation in inter-city transport.


Inu™ electric two wheelers © Green Ride

“INU is the natural solution for urban transportation”, said Green Ride™’s CEO Ori Dadoosh. “The automotive industry is working hard on making vehicles that bring you from A to B, but they don’t think about how they get you from A to B. INU is an extension of the user’s personal environment, transporting them in comfort and style, and I believe that INU is inspiring the industry to move in that direction.”



Inu™ electric scooter © Green Ride

INU will launch next year in the U.S. and Europe, aimed at high-end consumers. INU is offered in three different models, which differ according to how much distance they can travel when fully charged: 20km 30km and 40km (while carrying an 80kg rider).

All models are computer-limited to 25 km/h, to meet European safety standards. INU weighs 25kg, supports up to 120kg in weight, and has a Brushless hub-motor of 500W or 750W. It charges from 0% to 100% in about three hours and will retail at €2999, €3999 and €4999 respectively.


Inu™ electric scooter © Green Ride

You can use the INU as your main means of travel if you live in a city, or as a complimentary vehicle for a train commute. It is lightweight enough, portable and folds on command. That’s not a figure of speech – you can actually give it a voice command or a hand gesture or from your smartphone and it’ll fold.

Green Ride™’s INU is reinventing the personal vehicle category with a product that takes into account practicality, design and lifestyle. It is a contemporary product that is designed with today’s world in mind. Equipped with a phone dock, GPS and even GSM, the INU meets the highest standards of personal tech in vehicles. michael kors tasche

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