One South-Korean manufacturer has created a smart rolling guardrail system that absorbs accident impact and makes vehicles move forward rather than crash or derail.

Every year, around 1.25 million people die as a result of road traffic crashes. Without action, road traffic crashes will be the 7th leading cause of death by 2030. These tragic figures are compelling companies from all sectors to come up with innovative proposals to increase road safety and prevent deaths.

One of those companies is South-Korean ETI (Evolution in Traffic Innovation). They have developed a new rolling guardrail called the “Roller System” that reduces shock impact and hopefully could help save thousands of lives. Here’s how:

Typical guardrails composed of steel plates and props cannot guarantee drivers’ safety or save their lives. Meanwhile, soft guardrails protect drivers from shock from vehicle crashes and provide opportunities to save more drivers’ lives.

According to the company, the “Roller System” has a better ability to absorb shock than any other safety barrier. When a car hits the guardrail, its spinning barrels lead the vehicle to the driving direction and back on the road.

ETI’s new guardrail system is made up of a guard of rotating barrels, three-dimensional buffering frames and dense props supporting the frames.

The barrels are manufactured from EVA, a very flexible and elastic polyethylene resin with excellent shock absorption power. Reflective sheeting is attached to them to improve visibility, especially at night.

In the case of collision, the spinning barrels convert shock energy into rotational energy. Upper and lower frames adjust tires of large and small vehicles to prevent the steering system function loss.

Railway rails and liquid props absorb the vehicle’s impact, while the smooth-surfaced frames adjust the vehicle’s tires and guide it forward to prevent second rear-end collisions. Both the D-shaped frame structure and the buffering bracket distribute and absorb the second shock.

The props are set at an interval of 0.7 m, which increases bearing power in order to prevent vehicles from going over the guardrail and leaving the roadway. Because the props are independent it is possible to replace only the damaged parts, hence reducing maintenance costs.



ETI (Evolution in Traffic Innovation) is a South-Korean company that produces innovative highway safety products, such as their most famous guardrail called the 'Roller System'.

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