Every driver’s nightmare is returning to their car only to find a ticket, or worse, a boot clamped to the wheel. Well, soon they may find a 3 feet wide yellow device attached the car’s windshield instead.

At least that’s what New York-based ‘Ideas That Stick’ is proposing with ‘The Barnacle’, a new and more sophisticated method of enforcing parking in cities, which drivers can release for themselves in only minutes.

Existing methods of enforcing parking are cumbersome and inefficient. Using the latest materials and technology, the Barnacle attaches securely to the windshield, obstructing the view and immobilizing the vehicle. It comes equipped with an integrated pump and commercial grade suction cups that provide hundreds of pounds of force, securing it to the windshield and obscuring the field of view.

The barnacle - Ideas That Stick

The device is placed on the windshield and its integrated pump unlocks and releases air from suction cups. ©Ideas That Stick

If someone attempts to move the vehicle or illegally remove the device, a built in anti-tamper alarm will sound and notify the authorities.

The barnacle - Ideas That Stick

“Pay and Remove” allows drivers to pay over the phone and receive a code to unlock the device. © Ideas That Stick

Traditional booting methods often require the motorist to wait hours before having the device removed. But with Barnacle all they have to do is call and pay the fine over the phone using a credit a card. In return, they receive a code to unlock the device. The team calls this system “Pay and Remove”.

“Our lightweight, user-friendly design allows the violator to easily remove the device, without having to wrestle with a cumbersome boot or kneel down in traffic. They can then return it to a convenient drop off location within 24 hours, and they don’t have to miss that important meeting”, explains the team on the website.

The barnacle - Ideas That Stick

10 devices can be stored or transported in the same amount of floor space taken up by one boot. ©Ideas That Stick

According to them, the Barnacle “provides for a more efficient parking enforcement system, across the whole lifecycle of enforcement activities”. Because it attaches to the windshield, it can be towed with the device engaged, eliminating the duplication of effort and resources necessary when the situation escalates to towing.

It is stackable, easier to transport and deploy, which means it can be distributed more prolifically around the cities. It’s eco-friendly, as it contributes to less carbon emissions from trucks and deployment vehicles. And because it is easier to storage, it helps freeing up critical space in cities. canada goose jacke damen

Edited by City of Future’s staff.

Ideas That Stick

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New York-based company Ideas That Stick is on a mission to improve parking enforcement and collection activities.

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