XTERRAIN500 Electric Bicycle / Sand & Snow Bikes


XTERRAIN500 is an electric all-terrain bicycle with an ultra-wide tire that allows riders to go where regular bikes can’t go.

While not everyone is wild about adding motors to all-terrain bikes, if there’s one sub-type of ATB that could sometimes benefit from an electric boost, it’s the snow- and sand-slogging fatbike. We’ve certainly seen some electric fatties before, but the XTERRAIN500 Electric Bicycle, an ingenious invention that leaves any other type of bicycle in the dust with its special 10-inch wide ATV front tire. This uber fat tire bike allows riders to easily glide over soft beach sand as well as deep snow, mud, high grass, gravel, and anywhere else that regular bikes can’t go.

The idea behind the setup is that the ultra-wide tire will provide the front end of the bike with a huge amount of float, keeping it from getting bogged down in soft surfaces. For comparison, regular mountain bike tires top out at about 3 inches in width, while conventional fatbike tires go up to 5 inches.

The XTERRAIN500 electric fat tire bike makes it possible to enjoy countless miles of sandy beach while pedaling along with little effort. The 10-inch wide front tire plus the regular 4.6-inch rear fat tire, make this the monster of all electric bikes. The combination of extra wide all-terrain tires plus a 500-watt motor make it possible for this bike to go where no other has ever gone, and for the first time, allow bike enthusiasts to deftly enjoy pedaling on all types of soft terrains, such as soft beach sand or snow. canada goose outlet

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