One of the most hated household chores must be folding laundry. If not, it certainly has the title of “most tedious”. Most of us own a dishwasher, a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, a dryer and we can all agree that these technologies make our lives simpler, easier and more effective. Wouldn’t it be great to have a solution to folding laundry?

In the 21st century, time is precious, something we don’t take for granted. Laundry is a necessary chore that takes precious time away. Clothes come out of your washer, go into your dryer, once dry, they’re stacked on a chair or couch and occasionally on half the bed. We’ve all been there, hoping someone would just make it disappear. We just prefer to be doing other things, like spending time with our family and friends. Well, the FoldiMate team heard those cries and created a solution.

FoldiMate Family™ folds your laundry, it’s that simple. All you do is take the dry items, hang each one on the clip and within a few minutes, your laundry is neatly folded, treated and even de-wrinkled. It takes less than 3 seconds to clip each item onto FoldiMate’s Easy Clipping™ technology, making folding simple and quick. Imagine you have a friend who loves folding laundry for you.

FoldiMate can handle a wide variety of fabrics and garments. It will fold shirts, pants, towels and virtually anything that will fit inside of it such as pillow cases. Although it sounds like folding magic, it will have some limitations. It is being designed to handle kids’ sizes and up to XXL but it won’t fold linen, underwear, socks or baby clothes for example.


It takes less than 3 seconds to clip each item onto FoldiMate’s Easy Clipping™ technology. © FoldiMate

FoldiMate has a folding capacity of around 20 items at a time. © FoldiMate

Although it is still in the prototype stage, the Silicon Valley-based startup has decided to exhibit the FoldiMate at CES 2017 (Consumer Electronics Show) to expand its fan base prior to the pre-order launch late 2017.

The first FoldiMate Family™ units are planned to be shipped towards the end of 2018. michael kors tasche



FoldiMate is a Silicon Valley based startup with a pragmatic and affordable approach to introducing robotic technology into our day to day life.

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