Pillo is an artificially-intelligent health and wellness robot for the home, that helps users to control their nutrition, medication and supplements. But the team behind this friendly looking robot aimed higher by trying to make Pillo a true companion.

“Our goal was never to build a smart device. From the very beginning we set out to create ‘someone’ – a true healthcare companion for the home.”, said Pillo Health CEO and co-founder Emanuele Musini.

Using the latest advances in voice and facial recognition technology Pillo can recognize, understand, and interact with its users. It provides them with the necessary tools and information to take control of their health, all from the comfort of home.

Pillo can answer healthcare questions, sync with wireless and wearable devices, connect with doctors, as well as store and dispense vitamins or medication. It can also send reminders to help its users stay on track, and re-order pills when they’re running low.

Pillo - Pillo Health

Connects directly with doctors and healthcare professionals. ©Pillo Health

“Digital health is growing in leaps and bounds. It seems like there’s an app for almost anything these days”, commented Emanuele Musini.

However, he added, “there’s no single location that allows you to easily access the services you need, and that intelligently integrates your health and wellness information to provide you and your providers with a holistic picture of your overall wellbeing. Pillo is going to be that hub.”

Pillo - Pillo Health

Wirelessly syncs with wearables and smart home devices. ©Pillo Health

Pillo - Pillo Health

Reminders and notifications to users and their providers via the Pillo mobile app. ©Pillo Health

Pillo has been in development for over a year now. Its engineering team, based in Genoa, Italy, has worked on several robotics projects in conjunction with the European Union, including a robotic arm for use in space.

According to Pillo Health, this little robot will ship in 2017 regardless of the outcome of their Indiegogo campaign. michael kors tasche jet set

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Pillo Health

Pillo Health

Pillo Health is a team of experts spanning areas such as machine learning, robotics, cloud systems, healthcare services, and intelligent design. Offices are located in New York and Genoa, Italy.

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