Waverly Labs is developing the world’s first smart earpiece language translator. Science fiction has called it many things, but the team behind this innovative consumer electronics company created in 2014 decided to call it the Pilot.

Being lost in translation has happened almost to everyone, including to the Waverly Labs’ members. And that’s exactly what led them to create a conversational system – comprising a smart earpiece and a translation app – that would allow two people speaking different languages to freely communicate with each other. Simply put, when one person speaks, the other hears it in their own language.

Waverly Labs

Pilot Conversational System is scheduled for release on May 2017. ©Waverly Labs

The Pilot earphone uses specially designed dual noise-cancelling microphones to filter out ambient noise from the speech of someone talking. Then, the speech is passed through the smartphone app, which toggles between languages, and the translation process begins.

The first step of the translation process is speech recognition, the second is machine translation, and the last speech synthesis. This all occurs simultaneously, without any interruption, as each person speaks to one another.

The team has also included a second earpiece for wireless music streaming.

Waverly Labs

Pilot earphones will be available in three colours (black, white and red). ©Waverly Labs

On October 2016, Waverly Labs will launch the first version of the Pilot Translation App on IOS and Android. This app will offer speech translation from/into English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. The Pilot app V1 will allow its users to write, read and speak, but it will not allow back and forth dialogue between two devices. This will only be possible using the full conversational system, whose release is scheduled for May 2017.

In an effort to provide users with the best quality translations, speech translation will be limited to European/Latin languages. However, to fulfil the various needs of Waverly Labs international community, the app will allow text translation for the other languages as well as language dictionaries for phrases of common translations and a support of various dialects and pronunciations.

The Waverly Labs team believes that launching an early version of the final app will enable users to become more familiar with the brand as well as the process of voice synthesis translation – preparing for the arrival of Pilot and wearable technology in the field of linguistics.

For the full Pilot Conversational App System, users will have to wait until May 2017.

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