Gardens are by definition peaceful and quiet spaces inserted inside the chaotic city. Gardens are pieces of artificial nature, man-made constructions constrained within a clear limit. For the Mapo Cultural Park, Daniel Valle Architects propose a number of clearly delimited gardens within the existing landscape as if we were working in the cityscape. The proposal preserves the existing natural condition and proposes the insertion of five new gardens in the location of Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

The nature of these gardens is artificial, renewable energy fed, productive, cultural, technological and charged with urban programs. In a reversed process of “naturing” the urban context within a clear limit (a new urban park, a boulevard or a green square), we propose the urbanization of a natural area through the insertion of five gardens. Their geometry is linear opposed to the softer natural geometries of the site.

Flower Garden

This garden provides a unique experience under a “flower roof”. It pretends to be the longest walk under Wisteria Honbeni trees in the city of Seoul.

The Wisteria plant hangs from a wood structure. This structure is made of timber rectangular bars in a grid configuration. Also, hanging from the structure there are some seats organized along the garden. These seats are made in different colors and textures. In addition to the seats there it is proposed a number of swings along the garden. The thick flower ceiling is cut in section to provide the space for the swing to enter the flower roof.

Daniel Valle - Mapo Garden - FLOWER garden

Flower garden at MAPO Gardens. ©Daniel Valle

The wood deck under the flowers contains piezo-electric panels that generate small quantities of electricity as people step on them. This electricity serves the lighting system suspended between flowers. Therefore, there is an interactive principle between people and lighting that will create a dynamic lighting spectacle during evening and night time.

Piezo Garden

The piezo-garden is an artificial forest made of vertical and flexible poles that rise to the air up to 12 meters. These tubes are moved by the power of wind and by moving them a system of small piezo-electric generators displaced as a main spine generates electricity to light the LEDs displaced along the park. When an excess of electricity production from the garden happens, the electricity is diverted to the tanks.

Daniel Valle - Mapo Garden - PIEZO garden

Piezo garden at MAPO Gardens. ©Daniel Valle

WIFI Garden

This garden provides free WIFI internet connection to their users. It is a garden to surf the internet and communicate with others far away from the site. An ergonomic precast reinforced concrete base is designed to provide comfortable “seats” to the visitor while navigating online. The surface of the concrete incorporates in its section a number of devices necessary for users such as energy power lines or phone battery rechargeable devices. The reinforced concrete base is designed as an undulated landscape with a central flat area to provide an easy movement along the garden. A number of LED lights are inserted also in the concrete base.

Daniel Valle - Mapo Garden - WIFI garden

Wi-fi garden at MAPO Gardens. ©Daniel Valle

Warm Garden

The warm garden provides heat to visitors during the cold months of the year. It uses solar heat technology to provide the heat. A number of reflectors are orientated to south and west to reflect the sun light into a tube that contains water. The heated water then is transferred to the other tubes of the structure and to an “ondol” system embedded in the concrete base. Benches along the base also have a heating system so that, all together, the garden provides enough heat in winter to grow summer time-like flowers and allow visitors to take off their coats while in the garden. During the summer months the reflectors will be covered so that the system does not produce heat.

Daniel Valle - Mapo Garden - WARM garden

Warm garden at MAPO Gardens. ©Daniel Valle

Water Garden

The water garden has two different configurations, a winter and a summer configuration. During the warmer months of the year the garden becomes a continuous floor fountain that can be controlled and coordinated with media, music and personal devices. This configuration is orientated for the younger visitors and very demanded during the warmest months of the year. On the lower part of the garden there is a longitudinal wood deck with a seating area that allows visitors to refresh themselves under the waterfall. Next to the information and office building a number of toilets and changing rooms will be proposed. During the coldest months of the year, the surface of the park is transformed into an ice skating longitudinal track. Differently from other public ice tracks in Seoul, this one is strait and extends up to 180 meter long making the experience of skating different from a conventional ring type. A protective horizontal net is placed along both edges of the iced platform to prevent ice-skaters from falling.

Water garden at MAPO Gardens. ©Daniel Valle

Water garden at MAPO Gardens. ©Daniel Valle

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