No better position could be chosen to represent the most important NYC aquarium than the East River itself, according to Italian architecture studio Lissoni Associati, whose project has been selected as the First Place Winner of the NYC Aquarium & Public Waterfront open ideas competition.

The project creates a dynamic system that interacts with its surroundings, offering multiple ways to experience the water world represented by eight triple-height transparent biomes: four Oceans (Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern) and four Seas (Caribbean, Mediterranean, Tasman and Red Sea), while the North and South Poles are expressed by a readily visible iceberg in the center of the Atrium.

NYC Aquatrium exhibition | Lissoni Associati

Eight triple-height transparent biomes represent the four Oceans and the four Seas. © Lissoni Associati

The main idea is to generate an environment whereby visitors feel that they themselves are entering the water to discover the beauty of the marine life on display; a living shell that opens to the sky during the day to reveal the sea worlds and which closes as darkness falls to take on a “second life” as a planetarium, protecting the arena and the biome domes within, like a shell protects the pearl.

NYC Aquatrium - planetarium | Lissoni Associati

A retractable roof, that closes at night, turns the aquarium into a planetarium. © Lissoni Associati

Having the water level define the starting point of the project, the site is excavated to become a spacious and innovative water basin, with the Aquarium and Marine Center forming a submerged two-level island accessed via a perimetral ramp that starts from the lobby entrance and leads visitors along the biome pathway.

NYC Aquatrium - atrium | Lissoni Associati

NYC Aquarium aerial view | Lissoni Associati

NYC Aquatrium aerial view. © Lissoni Associati

A sloped beachfront encloses the Parking area to form a panoramic public space, while a boardwalk surrounds the basin to become a floating ring connecting the two waterfronts and encompassing the Aquarium and its sliding roof.


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