Anders Berensson Architects has recently unveiled plans for a 40-storey skyscraper that would replace an old car park in central Stockholm. Commissioned by the Stockholm Center Party, the 133-meter wooden skyscraper is expected to become the city’s tallest building. The proposal aims to create 250 new residential units while contributing to reduce car traffic.

“If we want to reduce the amount of cars in the city center of Stockholm and at the same time make space for more housing without building on green areas, then replacing car parks with housing, shops and restaurants feels obvious.”, says the architect.

The need to accommodate a growing population in the Swedish capital is reflected in previous works by Berensson for the political party, such as the proposal for a compact city block area connected by aerial pathways.

Trätoppen - Anders Berensson Architects

The building seen from the intersection between Regeringsgatan and Mäster Samuelsgatan. © Anders Berensson Architects

Instead of demolishing the old building, the team proposes to build a wood skyscraper on top of it, leaving the 1960s facade intact.

Designed by Hans Asplund, the old car park has numbers on the walls showing drivers which floor they are on, a feature that inspired Berensson’s design for the skyscraper. The new facade made out of cross laminated timber (CLT) is a continuation of the original pattern with numbers.

“From the outside, one can count the floors by reading the facade and from the inside you will be reminded what floor you are on just like in the parking garage.”, explains the architect.

The facade also has some practical benefits and acts like a sunscreen, which keeps the building cool and energy efficient.

Trätoppen - Anders Berensson Architects

Wooden facade will regulate solar gain and keep the interior cool. © Anders Berensson Architects

The skyscraper is retracted six meters from the existing car park’s facade in order to preserve it. The new building will be also considerably smaller in footprint than the car park, making room for a large public terrace on the seventh floor.

From the 33 floors that protrude above the existing car park, 31 floors will be occupied by residential units and two floors will operate as public terraces. Spread across the seven floors of the car park will be shopping areas and restaurants. michael kors handtasche

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